Other Programmes

Culineur also has many seasonal, creative courses throughout the year from Ice Cream, Food Presentation, Cake Decoration and many more!

Intensive World Snack and Appetizers

Designed to incorporate a variety of theoretical and practical learning experiences. In this course, students will learn to discuss, prepare and cook various snacks and appetizers from the regions of Southeast Asia and Europe. They will gain familiarity on the fundamental principles of food preparation and cookery, and learn how these are applied to specific methods and techniques in their respective cultures.

  • Knowledge of World snack and appetizer
  • Principles of cooking
  • Ingredients, Equipment and Utensil
  • Food Costing and Pricing
  • Practical World snack and appetizer (19 dishes)
Homemade Ice-cream

This course designed for beginners who love and have passion for homemade ice cream. Participants will learn about different types of ice cream, and other frozen dessert, ingredients, production process, equipment and utensils used. They will be able to produce and present a variety of homemade ice-creams, other frozen desserts such as sorbets, and frozen profiteroles.

Fusion Food

Fusion cuisine is a contemporary style that blends the culinary traditions of two or more nations to create innovative and interesting dishes. In this course, participants will learn the concept of fusion cuisine, how combine flavours and create their own fusion dishes.

Cake Decoration
Food Presentation

In this course, participants will learn the importance of food presentation and the skills necessary for food plating. Food presentation knowledge and skills can be applied to both home-cooked meals and professional food service. Participants will learn the principals to selecting the right plate, using suitable garnish, and techniques to create the plate visually stunning dishes, balancing the color, design, taste and textures. In this course they will design plan, draw, design, and execute their own plate presentations from start to finish.