Whether you are looking for a short course, an intensive course, a Thai cuisine class, a Chinese cuisine class, or a western cuisine class, Culineur has a variety of culinary courses that suit your preference.

Intensive European Cuisine
  • Knowledge of European Cuisine
  • Ingredients, Equipment and Utensil
  • Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Food Costing and Pricing
  • Practical European Cuisine (32 dishes)
Intensive Chinese Bun

The fundamentals of Chinese bun (or Bao) making, preparation of the basic doughs and mixing methods, the steaming techniques, design and presentation. This course also provides an overview of cost control, food costing and pricing methods. The students will plan, prepare and cook various savory and sweet Chinese buns with flavors such as BBQ roast pork, pork and chive, molten salted egg custard, Thai pandanus custard.

  • Knowledge of Chinese Bun
  • Ingredients, Equipment and Utensil
  • Food Costing and Pricing
  • Practical Chinese Bun with 5 Fillings
Half-day Western Cuisine

In this Western cuisine course participant will learn a variety of Western dishes, range from home cooking or casual dining rotating within each month with experienced chef instructors. The course will be fully hands-on with the arts and sciences of Western cuisine, cooking techniques and plated presentation.
In this Half-Day Western Cuisine course participants will be introduced to classic home, casual, and comfort dining. A fully-hands course where participants will cook a variety of recipes whilst learning different terms and techniques allowing them build their culinary repertoires.

1 - Day Fusion Bao
1- Day Chinese Cuisine
1- Day Chinese Pastry
1- Day Chinese Bun
1- Day In - trend Food (Korean Series)